We’d like to say a BIG BIG thanks to Vinzi for being very open and accommodating all through the sales process. We never felt like we were being pushed to sign a deal. We had a number of changes that were made to the design and Vinzi has been great in offering alternatives and helping us make informed decisions. We found Vinzi very creative with offering design suggestions and bringing out the best value for money for your clients. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Vinzi. He is an asset to your organisation.

A big shout out to the team (Ben, Jessica and others) who had the documents done in record time and enabled us to submit them to the bank. The service and standards have been very high and we’re expecting the same throughout ending with an exceptional build.

Saket and Santoshi, Wellard

We are extremely happy with the progress so far, signing up to slab down has been so quick and easy. Special thanks to Gail and Jessica for all your patience with us making the selection of our home exactly what we wanted it to be and Prestart was such a breeze thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of the staff at Impressions

Todd and Katie, Port Kennedy

We built our first home with Impressions in 2010.After 5 years,we can say its more then what we expected.It went smooth from the start to the end.There was a minor things that needed to be fixed after a house was done(like small cracks in the wall,but considering it was a new area and a lot of houses were built there,i guess the cracks are normal),but as soon as we reported it,people from Impressions fixed it.Apart from that,everything was as we wanted(and as we told its gonna be),no any delays,extra costs etc.We were happy with quality,price of our Soto home and the time that took a builder to finish it.

Now,we decided to buy an investment property,and because of good experience with Impressions,we decided we gonna build our investment with them as well.We would recommend Impressions to anyone,and we hope everyone will have so nice,good and relaxed experience with them as we had:)

Natasa, Lovely home from good builder

It’s our second time building with Impressions Homes and as always the professional and friendly team has made the process of designing a floor plan, selecting specifications and colours a hassle free and enjoyable experience. The very experienced and knowledgeable staff helped us to design a feature filled home with a fantastic floor plan. The communication with Impressions during the process was excellent. All our questions were addressed in a timely manner. A big thank you to the team at Impressions for guiding us through the process. We would always choose Impressions as our home builder!

Adriana and Steve, Impressed with Impressions

14 odd years ago, my husband built a new house with a similar builder. He made contact with the same salesman and a meeting was arranged with all of us, the salesman was professional and answered all our questions and from here the process began. The block we had chosen was around half the size of the one we were currently on, so careful planning as to which house was to be built was made. We went for a 3×2 house, with a portico at the back with a touch of landscaping. It was part of a new strata development, and while we put a deposit down, it took what seems like a lifetime to get the titles and lot numbers etc, from the developer. This was something that we had not considered but the salesman kept us in touch as to what was going on. In the meantime we went looking at tiling and paint schemes for the walls. Now that was a headache in its own right, as we had chosen to do this ourselves to save on costs.

Sammy and Carla, Great quality, great price

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