Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a simple but effective way of freshening up a room by pairing colours that are opposites on the colour wheel, to create vibrant and bold living spaces.

It can be as easy as placing blue pillows on a beige sofa or adding bright curtains to a room with a neutral scheme. For those who love a bit of DIY, painting is also a great way to colour block. If your walls are predominantly pale you can select a contrast wall and paint it in a striking colour to bring depth and dimension to your favourite room.

The trick with colour blocking is to limit yourself to three colours otherwise the look can get overpowering. You can start small by using accessories such as paintings, vases, cushions or even throw rugs. This is a great way to colour block without spending too much money. Plus you can easily change things around if you tire of them.


Give yourself the freedom to try something new. You can also visit our Display Homes for some colour blocking inspiration.

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