Locking It In: Must-Have Security Add-Ons For Modern Homes

Locking It In: Must-Have Security Add-Ons For Modern Homes

We live in an exciting age of rapid technological progress. Almost every aspect of our lives has been completely revolutionised over the last decade; from entertainment to transportation, but how many of us have applied this same level of technological advancement to our home security? 

In this new age, why keep using outdated methods when there are plenty of affordable and convenient high-tech alternatives available? If you’re keen on bringing your home security into the 21st century then make sure you check out the following list of our must-have security add-ons for modern homes.

Smart Locks

When it comes to home security it doesn’t get any more fundamental than a door lock. Smart locks are designed to promote convenience and ease-of-use without sacrificing any security. They can be controlled via keyless entry, a smartphone or even remotely over the internet.

Just imagine never having to worry about losing your keys ever again. How about if you had relatives visiting from overseas that were arriving while you were at work? Simple! Just open the door for them using an app on your phone. That being said, not all smart locks are created equal, so it definitely pays to do your research and get one that will meet your requirements. Some features to keep an eye out for include battery backup operation, remote connectivity and keyless entry features.

Surveillance Cameras

In years gone by it might have been considered a bit extreme to have surveillance cameras installed at your home. In addition to the expense and complicated installation there were the bulky cables, wires and recording equipment to contend with. That’s all a thing of the past thanks to simple & affordable wireless technology and digital recording.

Easy to install and operate yourself, modern surveillance cameras can also be integrated with other modern home security technology such as smart locks and door & window sensors. In addition to providing and extra level or security, the ability to monitor them remotely can also give you some added peace of mind when you’re away from home. Now you can keep any eye on your place while you’re relaxing on the beach in Hawaii! 

Window and Door Sensors

Able to be used as stand-alone security devices or as part of a monitored security system, window and door sensors are an excellent, cost effective way to keep your home secure. First-floor windows and secondary doors are common targets for home invaders, so having sensors installed can alert you via a smartphone app when someone tampers with them. 

This can be especially effective when combined with home surveillance cameras. If an alert goes off you can check the remote feed and alert the police if there are intruders in your home. In addition to giving you back a sense of safety and control, it certainly beats coming home unsuspectingly to a robbed house and a greatly reduced chance of catching the culprits.

Wondering why we’re so interested in modern home security? Well, once you’re living inside one of our amazing new homes we think that you’re going to want to keep it as safe and secure as possible! Check out our fantastic range of home designs online now or get in touch with us on (08) 6461 5297 to find out more about what we have to offer.

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