First Questions For Your Builder

First Questions For Your Builder
28/03/18 Building a new home can be a daunting prospect at the best of times, particularly when you’re doing it for the first time. As it’s such a huge investment, there will be plenty of questions you’ll want to ask throughout the entire process.
But you’ll want to be sure right at the start that you’re happy with your chosen builder before signing on the dotted line. We’ve got a list of questions below to ask your builder (and why they’re so important).
At Impressions we like to think we make the whole building process as easy and non- intimidating as possible, but it still doesn’t hurt to know what to ask when you come to see us about building the house of your dreams.

1. Are you a licensed builder of new homes in Perth?
Seems so obvious but is often overlooked. In accordance with law, a licensed building company will be issued with a registration number. For example, Impressions the Home Builder has BC6415 which appears on our documentation.

2. Can you show me some of your recently finished projects?
Checking their finished product and talking to past customers is the best way to get the measure of a potential builder.

3. How many times can I inspect the build?
Being involved in the building process is hugely important. Photos alone aren’t enough to understand how your home is advancing. Stopping by see the work completed ensures you are on top of its progression. Plus, it’s much more exciting to see your home being built!

4. When is the cut-off for making changes and upgrades?
Knowing this will make sure you can make any desired changes without getting stung with additional costs and lengthy delays.

5. Who will be supervising my build?
A good supervisor is the key to a good build so save their contact details early. This allows you to quickly get in touch should you have any questions during construction.

6. How long is the building maintenance period?
Knowing this up front helps in your planning, especially if you won’t be moving into the home straight away. Impressions has a 6 month maintenance period.

7. Do you have home indemnity insurance?
You insure your health, your pets and your smart phone. So make sure your builder has home indemnity insurance to protect you and put your mind at ease.  
Speaking of asking questions, we’re more than happy to answer all of your new home building queries. It’s why we’re one of Perth’s most trusted home builders. We have an amazing range of house and land packages available, so get in touch with us today or click here to find out more.
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