Experience Your Favourite Floorplan!

Experience Your Favourite Floorplan!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk through the promotional floorplan you liked, that same day?

Our brand new display homes, the Arcadia and the Akiko let you do just that.

These homes are display versions of our most popular promotional floorplan, the Vastu. The Arcadia is located north and the Akiko south of the river, making it even more convenient to arrange a viewing depending on your location.

Why the Vastu?

The name Vastu is derived from ‘vastu shastra’, which is Hindu for science of architecture. We thought that this was symbolic of what we wanted to achieve- a good balance between functionality and luxury at a price that is within reach of first home and migrant buyers.

The Vastu holds a coveted title of being our client’s favourite promotional floorplan in 2015 and it continues to grow in popularity. Many clients looking for a 15m-frontage design opted for this 273sqm floorplan, adding their unique tweaks to it and making it their own.

Are there any differences between the promotional floorplan and its display versions?

As display homes, the Akiko and the Arcadia differ from the Vastu in terms of specification. They feature several upgraded fixtures and fittings that you would expect to see in a display home, however their layout is reflective of the Vastu floorplan. This gives our clients more freedom in being able to tailor the specification level to suit their taste and more importantly their budget.

Arrange a viewing today

The Arcadia- Allara Estate, Eglinton

The Akiko- Springtime Estate, Haynes

The Vastu is only $209,000 with our Incredible Inclusions promotion. Find out more today.

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