Things to Consider When Building a New House

Things to Consider When Building a New House

Building and designing your own home can be an exciting yet daunting task. Luckily, we have a lot of experience in doing just that! We have put together a list of some important, yet often overlooked factors to consider before you start.


Everyone’s lifestyle is vastly different and wonderfully complicated. Try and think about the house you live in now, what makes your life easier, what makes it harder? If you already have a pet, think about where their main headquarters will be and plan the area accordingly.

Contemplate what may change in the coming year. If you are planning on having a family do the spaces work for a growing family or will the kids be leaving the nest soon? Teenagers may want their own space so consider having their rooms near the backyard. If you are envisioning growing old in your dream home, an elevator shaft that can be used for storage is a great idea and may come in handy down the track. Most of all trust your gut. If it feels like it will add to you and your family’s lifestyle, then do it.

Artificial v Natural Light

The way a home is lit is a completely personal thing however it can make or break a beautifully designed room. Here are some more things to mull over when lighting your own home:

Natural Light

First and foremost, which way do you want your house to face? As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west you will need to factor this in when considering how to orient a new home on your block.

Do you want to wake up with beams of light shining through your bedroom windows in the morning? Or have a view of the sunset in your living areas in the evening? To do this you must ensure these rooms are east or west facing, and that you choose window size, placing and awnings to suit accordingly.

If you’re worried about the harsh summer sun, then avoid having large north-facing windows, instead opting for longer walls here to minimise exposure to the sun in summer and absorb the majority of the day’s heat.

If you want to take advantage of the sea breeze in the evening, have your main living areas facing west with plenty of windows and doors to open up and allow the breeze through the house.

If you have a yard, make sure there is sufficient shading to avoid direct sunlight in the middle of the day in summer.

Artificial Light

Depending on the time of day and your mood, you may want a different ambience. Installing dimmer switches on lights can give you plenty of options for different times of day.

Additionally, consider where you place power outlets as using floor or table lamps can transform a room in ways overhead lighting can’t. Pendants can give a stunning look to open areas.


The placement of the bedroom should be as far away from noise as possible. If you can, try and keep it away from the main living area and garage to ensure that you get a peaceful night sleep.

In most houses the kitchen is the main hub. If you can have it near the garage door you can avoid those messy footprints through the main entrance and also means less distance to carry your groceries in from the car.

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