Styling Living Areas for Conversation

Styling Living Areas for Conversation

While we all enjoy spending time in front of the big black box, sometimes you have to engage in conversation. A few tweaks to your furniture placement can make it easier to use the living room for conversations too. Let’s explore some options.
Furniture Positioning
If you want to encourage conversation, don’t face all the furniture towards the TV. Turn all seated furniture to the direction of the coffee table instead of the TV. For example, if you have two couches, face them towards each other. This new furniture placement will encourage conversation rather than passive TV viewing.
Don’t let the TV be the Feature
If you walk into the room and find that the first thing you see is the TV, you know there’s a problem. Surround the TV with a gallery wall of your favourite artwork or family photos. If you’re big on storage then opt for custom cabinetry. For a minimalist look, just some floating shelves or a dark feature wall behind will help make the TV blend in. Mounting the TV to the wall will aid in its ‘disappearance’. 


Indoor and Outdoor
When the weather is nice, we all want to enjoy mother nature’s blessing. Having your living room furniture close to the alfresco doors makes it even easier for people to spill outside after dinner or for a casual get-together.
Positioning the indoor and outdoor furniture towards each other makes it even easier to move between the two spaces.

If you have a separate theatre with a TV, why not remove the living room TV altogether? For obvious reasons, no TV clearly incites conversation. Why not replace the TV with board games or have some music set up for ambiance? The Entertainer display home in Wellard achieves this by keeping in the only TV in the large home theatre. As a result, this allows the living area to connect with the rest of the open plan spaces, making it the perfect place for entertaining.
For simpler ways to foster conversation, try connecting the furnishings together with a rug. An L shaped couch both frames the coffee table and keeps everyone close together. Opt for a modular sofa to move sections around the space depending on the situation. For a more casual approach, introduces some ottomans, they are perfect for when the board games come out!

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