Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas
23/08/17 No matter where you live the key to a balanced lifestyle is exposure to nature, so it is essential that you give your outdoor areas some life with plants. But garden design can be tough because of the limitless number of available products, inspiration and options leaving you spoilt for choice and not sure where to start.
Luckily, we can let you in on a few secret tips that will show you how you can achieve an impressive garden that is also low maintenance.
1. Design

Whether you’re working on your front garden, back garden, courtyard, side garden or all of the above you need to have a rough idea of what you want to achieve. Draw a rough diagram of where you want everything be including plants, planter boxes, pavers, seating and decor. Think about any architectural features that you might want to highlight with lighting or plants, which will bring a sense of continuity to your space.
2. Materials
If you are wanting to install a water feature, BBQ or a heavy statue, arrange these first. If you are having anything custom made, complete the install before choosing plants. That will ensure you don’t buy too many plants or ones that won’t compliment the feature.  
The Australian Summer can be grueling on wildlife too so keep this is mind when choosing plants for your garden. There’s a wide range of native Australian flora and fauna which can vary in shape, size and colour. Many are also low maintenance and able to withstand our harsh climate. Double tick!
Choose smaller garden décor that will compliment your plant choice.

3. Styling
Now for the fun part, piecing it all together! Once the larger items are in and custom built pieces are put in place, you can start introducing the plants. Place the plants still in its pot where you think they will work and then step back to take in the overall effect. It is much easier to you change your mind as you don’t have to dig anything up again!
TIP: If your outdoor space is fairly enclosed, introduce a mirror against a wall or portion of your fence and surround it with plants.
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