Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Is your home starting to feel a bit claustrophobic? With lot sizes becoming smaller the focus is on floorplan layout and clever interior design to maximize space and make a home feel cozier without compromising on style or comfort. We’ve come up with some tips to help your home feel more spacious.

  1. Furniture that goes all the way to the floor can make a room feel crowded. Opt for furniture with legs (which can easily be found with Scandinavian styled pieces)
  2. Floor lamps add a vertical line to the room, which draws your eyes up. It can also make the ceiling look higher. Another alternative is to install pendant lights – which is very much on trend!
  3. Lighter colours such as whites and pastels create the illusion of more space. Striped walls can also play with room dimensions. For narrow rooms, use horizontal stripes; for low ceilings, use vertical lines.
  4. If your flooring is a similar colour to the walls, it can appear to extend the footprint of the space.
  5. Mirrors of course! Not only do they make a room feel bigger, they also reflect light around the room.
  6. Accessories are a quick and easy way to enhance a room but too much decoration can also make it feel cramped. Opt for a few big pieces rather then lots of little ones. This will add flair to a room without crowding it.

As a rule of thumb – keep it simple! Less is more when opting for a more spacious home.

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