Laundry Styling

Laundry Styling
19/12/17 Make your laundry look as good as the rest of your new home with these simple styling tips.
Hang it up! Simple, modern artwork, punchy prints or quotes about cleaning will suit this part of the home. Why not frame some of the kids’ artwork to have on display? (One of the many that can’t fit on the fridge!)
When selecting flooring for new laundry, pick something practical yet connected to the rest of your home. For example, if you have light/neutral floor tiles in the entry and living areas, a slightly darker neutral floor tile will work wonders. You can also opt for an indoor mat near the exterior door.


Whilst under bench storage is standard, take the time to plan overhead shelving. Choose anything from similar cupboards, open shelves or a couple of wire baskets. Not only will you have more storage space, you’ll also make the room feel less stark.
TIP: Why not consider a hanging rail for indoor drying?
Keep a candle or diffuser nearby to add some ambiance. Not convinced? The smell of sweaty socks can takeover very quickly!

Once everything has been installed, you can now finish the room off with your own personal touches. A funky peg basket, an indoor plant, a cane laundry hamper or even a splash of paint on the walls. Do what works for you and the style of your new home.
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