Keep Those Pillows Clean

Keep Those Pillows Clean

The time has come to talk of many things – mainly about washing your pillows. It’s something we all put off for months, even years. Using covers and protectors on your pillows helps keep your pillow cleaner for longer but eventually, everything needs a wash.

So let’s get started!

If you have a front load washing machine – hi-5! As opposed to top-loaders, these machines allow for the entire pillow to be washed, avoiding any dry spots. Use the lowest cycle, with warm water and mild liquid detergent and start the machine. Use powder if you wish but your pillows are likely to end up with residue and who wants that?

Don’t pile too many pillows inside to ensure all of them are washed evenly. A pair of pillows will keep your machine balanced. Repeat with another cycle of rinse before removing the pillows.

If you have a foam pillow, we have some bad news for you. Unless you want a melted pillow, you can’t dry your pillows using a dryer – just the old fashioned way on a rack or clothesline is the only way to go. All other pillows will tolerate dryers.

Have a few spare (clean) tennis balls lying around the house? Toss them in the dryer with your pillows and you’ll be left with fluffy, dry pillows.

If your pillow has a care label, it is best practice to follow their instructions. Or if this is all too hard, just ask your Mum to help you.

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