Home Design Trends for 2017

Home Design Trends for 2017

Wanting to get a head start on your shopping for 2017? Wondering what new, fabulous items will be making their way in the homes of designers across Australia? Home builders rejoice! We have a sneak peek into what you should be including in your home.


Warm terracotta is going to take over the stark heavy look of marble and other materials that have been in trend this year. Make sure you, however, avoid traditional terracotta tiles that are too rustic and instead go for a matte finish that you can mix with more modern elements as we start enjoying more eclectic combinations of textures and styles.

Dark Wood

Dark wood is making the scene for 2017. This will give a moodier look to stylish homes. Goodbye light wood that has been dominating the market over the last couple of seasons. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match woods. We are shifting away from a style agenda and towards a more organic style where different materials compliment but do not match exactly.

Emerald Green

We have seen so much white, pastels and light coloured rooms. A more eclectic look, including dark green, will add depth and character to your home. We expect to see a lot of it in the New Year. This dark statement colour will look amazing with the terracotta and dark wood combo that we have mentioned.

Upholstered Bedheads

Sleek minimalist wooden bedheads used to be all the rage, however, now we have started seeing the use of upholstered and material beadheads becoming very popular. Upholstered headboards provide luxurious, soft feel to a room. There is no doubt that this style will kick off in 2017.

Relaxation Nooks

The rise of technology has bred the need for escapism. Private getaways where you can feel cocooned from worldly pressures and stresses are a must have in every new house being built. Consider putting a day bed by a window for you and your family to meditate, relax and unwind. We live in a world engrossed in technology so people are looking for a balance.

Eclectic Interiors

Artisan wares like embroidery, felt, knit or crochet are definitely going to add a unique touch to your home. More handmade items look like they will enjoy popularity in 2017. Unique artisanal items will be the hero piece in rooms and give an interesting and personal touch to each room.


Wicker is getting in on the act for 2017. Natural fibres will be popping up all over the place. Organic fabrics that feel like the material they are created from have never been more present in our homes. Cane, Acapulco-style, hanging, and peacock chairs, offer a twist on a mid-century look.

Everyday Materials

Creating interesting pieces with common materials is going to be a huge trend as we unconsciously gravitate to the raw materials. With recycling products becoming a priority, we are looking for more sustainable interior design ideas. Reusing, repurposing and upcycling will be a key element.

Now that you are caught up on all the trends going into 2017, let’s get you into a home of your own. Impressions can save you money in the building process leaving more to spend on the unique accent items for your first home.

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