Free Energy Saving Tips

Free Energy Saving Tips

Seen your latest energy bill? Was it more then what you had expected? To help keep your electricity bills down, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that can help save you money. And the best part – they are all free!

  • Keep windows and blinds closed during the day to stop the sun from getting into the house
  • When its night time, open the windows to allow the hot air to escape and the cool night time air to come inside
  • Clean the filters in your air-conditioning system
  • When using the air-conditioner, prevent cool air from escaping by closing doors to rooms that you’re not using
  • Turn appliances off at the wall as opposed to leaving them all on standby
  • Turn off lights in rooms you’re not using

Taking a few simple steps could save you a lot of money. So keep some of these things in mind to ensure your money is going to waste.

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