Enhance the Mood of Your Home

Enhance the Mood of Your Home
23/01/18 Boost your mood at home with these simple tricks.
The right fragrance can bring you comfort after a stressful day. Set out your favourite candle or incense and burn away the stress! If you don’t want to light a match, set up a diffuser or soak in some bath salts.
TIP: bring home a bunch of fresh flowers home to boost your mood.
Make your bed

Not only is it easier to get into a made bed at night but it’s a lot more appealing to look at when you come home. They key part to achieving this is by integrating it into your morning routine. Plus, it will also encourage you to stay out of bed!
Less clutter
A cluttered home can mean high stress levels. Ditch the excess and spend less time moving things around and more time enjoying the space.
BONUS: if anyone unexpected drops by you don’t have to quickly shove things in drawers before welcoming them inside whilst muttering ‘..excuse the mess, it’s been a long day…’
Buy an indoor plant
Indoor plants reduce carbon dioxide levels, pollutants, airborne dust levels and lower air temperatures! Need any more reasons? Okay here’s one more; they look good!
Display your favourite memories
Get onto framing those images from your phone! Seeing your loved ones and memories of special events and holidays scattered around your home will lift your spirits each time you walk past them. If you’re failing to notice the current ones, switch up their locations and you can enjoy them all over again!
TIP: Add some art pieces or display your mini library in a stylish bookshelf.

Replace ugly/broken furniture

It’s time to get rid of your second-hand coffee table that was never quite to your taste. Or that broken chair you can never quite find time to fix. The constant visual reminder can leave you feeling more down in the dumps. So just jump up and fix it, chuck it or re-purpose it.
TIP: If money is tight or you can’t face scrolling through websites or furniture shops, then simply re-arrange some furniture. Hide the ugly cover in a throw rug or move the broken chair into the outdoor shed.  

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