Decluttering the Garage

Decluttering the Garage
10/08/17 Is it getting harder to park your car in the garage because of all that clutter? Are you squeezing past boxes each day just to reach your car? The garage can quickly become the home for many items that barely get used, sometimes forcing you to park out in the elements.
Now’s the time to return your car to its rightful home! We’ve got some tips to get you through it.
Declutter your garage before organising it
Assign a set time limit to do this, whether it's a few hours, a couple of days or a full weekend, then, get the family involved and start spring cleaning. Go through all your items and sort them into piles such as:
  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Toss

Before your keep pile gets too big, a good tip to help you better judge your decision to keep an item is ask yourself if you’ve used or missed this item over the last year, if the answer is a no then the time has come to say goodbye. If you’re keeping an item just because of the money you spent on it don’t, the money has already been spent and you’re not necessarily generating a profit by keeping it.
Don’t delay!
Don’t wait any longer. Take your ‘toss’ items and chuck them in your bin! Can’t fit it all in? Then you may just need to take a trip to the dump, or ask to borrow your friends/familys/neighbours bins.
Now it’s time to jump in the car with your ‘donate’ pile and drive straight to a donation bin, or a local op shop (if they are open). You’ll feel instantly lighter and motivated to stay clutter-free.
For your sell pile, decide which avenues will be the most suitable. Gumtree, eBay or a local garage sale are popular choices.
Organise what’s left
Now you’ve just got your ‘keep’ pile. First things first, figure out how much space you need to be able to store your cars and boats, etc then you can organise your decluttered, clutter around it. Try putting all the big items in first so you can truly understand what space you have to work with. Sort your items based on their types and uses:
  • Frequently Used: Items like, shopping bags, pet leashes etc. These should be kept in the most accessible areas like on hooks near the door.
  • Group Items Together: Things like auto care products, camping gear and sports equipment can be stored together.
  • Bulkier Items: This is where the back corners of your garage come in handy for storing things like lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. You want to make it easy to get to so avoid storing any objects in front.
  • Look upwards: Holiday decorations are rarely used so look into creating a storage space in your ceiling or installing some shelving along the walls of your garage to be able to store these easily.
  • Tools and Bicycles: Tools like shovels or rakes can be easily stored along the walls of your garage supported by some easily installed hooks.
Invest in plastic storage containers to protect contents from water damage, insects and other uninvited guests.
Keep it tidy
Now the hard part is done! All you need to do it maintain the garage and prevent people in your household from using it as a storage unit. Make sure you keep the floor space as tidy as possible, spray for pests from time to time and sweep the floor regularly to get any dirt out of the garage. If it doesn’t feel like a storage unit, hopefully it will stop you from using it as one!
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