Coffee Table Alternatives

Coffee Table Alternatives

It’s time to break the rules and step away from the lone coffee table in the living. Think different shapes, lengths and styles. Step outside the box and put other items of furniture to new uses or have more than one ‘coffee table’.

Intrigued? Then let’s explore some options.


Small and square or large and round, ottomans and poufs allow for a multifunctional coffee table. Whether you want something to put your cup of coffee or a place to put your feet up, these furniture pieces can add both style and practicality to your living area. Why not add a tray on top to keep your items steady.

Side Tables

Make them the centre of attention by making them a coffee table. Sometimes the presence of a coffee table can be quite overwhelming so if you don’t need something big, why not scale it down and use a side table. One not enough? Make a pair or mix and match according to your style.


Along the lines of side tables, if you want to lighten your living space, opt for stools which allow versatility. Entertaining one night or reading the paper on a Sunday morning, switch up your stool use and make them front and centre


Add some nostalgia and character and swap your coffee table for a chest or trunk. Plus, why wouldn’t you adopt this for added storage space?


Step it up a level and use a bench instead. The length works well with longer sofas and in theatre rooms. Plus it doubles for added seating for the kids or for extra guests when entertaining. For added appeal, why not stagger two benches in your living space.

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