Choosing Bedside Tables

Choosing Bedside Tables

Choosing the right bedside table is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you make the wrong purchase, buyers regret is not the only problem you’ll be dealing with. Clutter, lack of storage and a style clash are just a few drawbacks of using the wrong bedside table.

We’ve come up with a few options that should make the decision a lot easier when you’re out shopping.

Mini chest of drawers are a popular choice for their added storage capability combined with a lack of clutter. Why not experiment with colour or materials? Choosing a mirrored bedside makes a small corner feel light and roomy.

Open shelves can be used as mini bookshelves and be appealing to those who are very organized or minimalistic. Display your favourite items or add a decorative box to hide away clutter.

A mini table is perfect if all you need is a place to put your lamp, book or a glass of water. Be realistic about how much surface space you really need to ensure you don’t end up getting frustrated with how much ends up on there. If you can’t leave things lying around, you can also add a basket underneath for storage.

If you can’t commit to a table, pick one with a single drawer to avoid baskets, boxes and a crowded surface. These are the perfect for your guest bedroom.

Not all bedsides have to be so traditional. Unconvential bedsides can make a feature of your bedroom. You could use a desk, floating shelf or even an antique item to make a visual statement. Choose a piece to suit your own purpose. For example you have less room it could be more practical to fit a desk. Try upcycling if you want something truly unique!

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