6 Steps to Building A House

6 Steps to Building A House

We're going to take you through six major steps involved in building a house. These include selecting a builder, (like us!), finding a location, choosing a house design, the admin process, construction process and finally - handover!

Step 1: Select a builder

Selecting a builder can be a daunting task. It is important to choose someone that will ensure the project is executed on time, on budget and in line with your vision. Good communication skills are a must so find someone that you get along with and that will strive to ensure you have a pleasurable and memorable journey. If you choose Impressions, we will guide and educate you throughout the whole process and to keep you informed at every step.

Step 2: Find a location

When considering where to build your new home, factor in not only what affects you now but what your lifestyle will be like in the future. For example, if you are planning on having children, suddenly schools, hospitals and park location all have a stronger impact on your decision. Look at the distance you will have to travel to get your basics as well as the ground stability of the land itself.

Climate may impact both your lifestyle and your build costs. Make sure that you are aware if the weather will have a drastic impact on your new home. Will you need to make changes to the design so that your house is protected from the elements? Is the area prone to flooding or bush fires? Once you have a rough idea in mind, we can help you find the perfect lot to suit your requirements.

Step 3: Choose a design

This is probably the most exciting part of building your own home because you get to decide on how you would like your perfect little haven to look and feel. Have a clear and concise idea of what you want in your mind as this will save time once you meet with your sales consultant. Be open to changes, not everything is possible and there are limitations.

Don’t get too emotionally invested if something doesn’t work out exactly as you had wanted. There are many options from which to choose and as your sales consultant we will work with you on either an existing design or one of our standard designs to create your perfect custom home.

Step 4: Administration process

To ensure the administration stage goes as smoothly as possible, your builder will manage the process for you. This includes site surveys, developer and shire approvals as well as provide regular updates throughout the construction process. At Impressions, we have everything from design and drafting, right through to planning and estimating, all in-house. Each part of the company comes together to get you into your home as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Step 5: The construction process

Once all approvals are in order, the building phase is ready to commence! Your supervisor will carefully manage this stage of the project. Your construction liaison will be in regular communication with you to ensure you are up to date with the latest progress. In addition to regular quality checks by an Impressions Site Supervisor, all workmanship is regularly double checked by an Impressions Senior Supervisor.

Step 6: The handover

The handover will include information such as seasonal operation settings, cleaning, pest control, utility valves and maintenance requirements. Once the handover documents have been completed and all the relevant warranties and certificates have been given, all that is left is to collect the keys and move in!

Contact us today to find out how you can get started on building your new Impressions home.

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