5 Minimalist Styling Tips For A Stunning Modern Home

5 Minimalist Styling Tips For A Stunning Modern Home

Ever heard the saying that less is more? Minimalist interior design is the very epitome of this philosophy. However, just because there’s are less elements to style, it doesn’t necessarily make it any easy look to pull off. This is especially true when incorporating it into a luxury home design.

Having less elements in a room means that you have to get each one 100% right for it all to come together. If you’re thinking of adopting this style in your new home, make sure you check out our 5 tips for styling a stunning, modern, minimalist home.

Keep The Colour Palette Simple

Using too many bright colours is the fastest way to make a space feel busy and cluttered. On the other hand, you don’t want to make your home feel like a hospital by only using white. Incorporating a range of tones in the same colour and mixing in a lot of neutrals is the best way of injecting some vibrancy without going over the top.

Simple Lines & Shapes

Ditch anything with too much ornate detailing and stick to furniture and decorations that have smooth lines and simple shapes. This will keep the eye moving really easily when scanning the room, which is one of the great pleasures of minimalist design.

Use Texture

Having everything in a room a similar colour pallette and with smooth surfaces can quickly end up feeling cold and clinical. Bringing in some texture with wool, linens, textiles pottery, clay and porcelain is a fantastic way to add depth and make the place feel more inviting. Add some handmade pieces for an extra special effect.

Clever Centrepieces

Minimalist centrepieces can help add pleasing detail without creating a huge tablescape that dominates the room. Small collections of pieces in the same family (like different sized bowls or vases for example) are a great example of this.

Art & Plants

A minimalist space doesn’t have to be devoid of interest or personality. Choosing the right plants and pieces of art can be a simple but highly effective way of making the space uniquely yours.

Thinking of adopting a cool, minimalist motif in your new home build? At Impressions, we can build you the perfect blank canvas on which to make your minimalist masterpiece come to life - The Emerald is a great example of this. Get in touch today to find out more.

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