Sammy and Carla

Sammy and Carla

Sammy and Carla

Great quality, great price

14 odd years ago, my husband built a new house with a similar builder. He made contact with the same salesman and a meeting was arranged with all of us, the salesman was professional and answered all our questions and from here the process began. The block we had chosen was around half the size of the one we were currently on, so careful planning as to which house was to be built was made. We went for a 3x2 house, with a portico at the back with a touch of landscaping. It was part of a new strata development, and while we put a deposit down, it took what seems like a lifetime to get the titles and lot numbers etc, from the developer. This was something that we had not considered but the salesman kept us in touch as to what was going on. In the meantime we went looking at tiling and paint schemes for the walls. Now that was a headache in its own right, as we had chosen to do this ourselves to save on costs.

When pre-start finally arrived, we were shown exactly what we would be getting, and while there were many offers available, we chose what we wanted with relative ease, thanks to the advice that we were given by the pre-start lady, who was quite patient and nice. We chose to add a few things here and there and were given exactly how much it would cost extra. To our surprise the tiling was very well priced, including labour, so we went with that option with the builder too. So all we had to do was paint the walls ourselves, even there the salesman gave us a few suggestions which we went with. Next was the meeting to change or add electrical options. In the last house my husband did not put in enough power points in, so we made sure we had plenty here, a fan, heater combo in the bathroom, was just about all the electricals taken care of, we also went with our own light fittings, just the do it yourself ones which are quite nice and available from most of the lighting stores.

Once all the planning was done, the building began. At the time there was a shortage of tradesman, as the mining boom was going on. We were given a realistic time frame, and since we were already living in our home, there was no major rush. After the pad went down it was relatively quick and smooth sailing from there. When the house was complete, we noticed a few minor things weren't done right, the biggest was the crack in the kitchen bench top when the sink was put in. The whole top was replaced quick smart. A few other touch ups, mostly repaired by the supervisor and it was ready to hand over.

The build quality for the price way exceeded our expectations, just little minor things like a cracked tile in the laundry, a dinged door knob for the garage, and one or more others. The finish was superb, and we wished that we could move here and rent our residential home out. While it took some time to repair the minor things out, we painted it and it was ready to rent out.

We have had it for a year or more and the quality was that good six months later, that we were more than surprised that it only had a few barely noticeable cracks in the cornices, and around the front door. Easy and quick fixes which did not disturb our tenants, a matter we had discussed with them when they started out. We have new tenants now, and the house experienced no wear and tear.

Would I recommend Impressions, sure would. While there were a few delays, mostly due to the lack of tradies around at the time, we would not hesitate to build again with them. Fore planning and attention to detail are important. Variations that we made were easy to do, the sales rep, and the staff on hand at the time looked after us professionally and courteously. The price was right, more affordable than most other builders out there, quality workmanship, attention to detail is really what it's all about, and while I understand building a house can be a nightmare, it does not take much to correct matters, just stop a bank progress payment if things aren't going your way. Complaining when it's all over, is a bit late. Impressions has grown and learned from previous years, they are definitely one of the best out there. 
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