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We pride ourselves on our commitment to superior customer service. In order to identify the things we do well and where we could improve, we rely on client feedback.

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Impressions the Home Builder reviews

2nd House with Impressions

I constructed my 2nd house through Impressions Builders based on my previous experience. It was a good experience again and work was finished within 6-7 months after all approval process was completed

It was an excellent service throughout construction phase and builder officials took initiative to speed up the completion when reported for few slow patches of brick work etc.

The issue on response time with supervisor was reported which was taken care of with the corrective actions. Other than this all process was relatively smooth

Big step up with impressions

After a not so great experience with our first home build here in Perth, happy to say so far our build with impressions is going smoothly and super quick. Everyone so far has been helpful and with great communication and updates of what's happening. Peter and Judy made choosing to build with impressions a easy choice with all their knowledge and friendly approach and have been there to answer any questions along the way.

Very impressed with Impressions

From the first meeting with Peter & Judy Dorizzi sales consultants (now based at new showhome in Haynes off Armadale Road) our Impressions journey has been a pleasure! From signing the contract right through to near end of our build everything has run smoothly and on time. We have had regular emails advising of build progress and when next stage will commence.

We are more than happy to recommend Impressions to anyone planning on building.

Cathy S
Our Amazing First Home

My partner and I started looking for house in 2012. We were blown away with the Impressions sales staff. Very friendly, not pushy and very knowledgeable. They found us a perfect house and block to fit our budget and recommended a great mortgage broker too.

The build process went smoothly and the after sales staff were very accommodating with any alterations we had to make.

The only hold up we had were during the handover as some of the trades had left for the Christmas break. Our building supervisor came to the rescue and fixed the bits and pieces himself just to get us in!

The fit and finish of the house is great. Only a few minor things had to be fixed at the 6 month service.

Overall we are very happy with our house and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone :)

Quality & Unique Design

I signed up with Impressions 6 months ago and I was pleasantly surprised at the speed they work at from paying my deposit till the slab went down, The Rep was very careful and knowledgable giving us all the necessary info to make a wise decision, he was not pushy like other reps and this gave us all the security and peace of mind to proceed with them. The design was really unique & not boxy and th e price was also good as they did not cut any corners but maintained their quality as promised. The Service we received was also exceptional and we felt very comfortable at Pre-start which took a while but there was no rushing us. When the Slab went down we visited the site and were pleased with the results, Brickwork has now started and they have done a great job as the workmanship seems more than perfect to us, really excited and cant wait to move in.

Perfect! Our Dream House Is Here.

It is so much fun to write a review when you are very happy with a service or a team. We are building our first home with Impressions and should say couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. The company is a trustworthy and highly recommended company. Our sales rep, Henna was great. She was very organised, professional, and down to earth person. Though we were new to the building process, I must say every single department of the company made us feel very comfortable and things went successful and smoothly. We were very confused and ne rvous for prestart meeting but our prestart consultant explained us everything and helped us select best suitable products for our house. Beautiful, clean, fast and hassle free work done by the team. From the first step of purchasing land to finishing the house, such perfection and professional work done.

Our house will be ready in coming month and it is faster than estimated period. We were given updates regularly and were included in every step of the paper work and building process. Variations to suit our choices were always welcome and encouraged. To conclude our experience, we enjoyed every step of the building process with impressions. The company and the team helped us make our first home a dream living home. We are looking forward to get into our quality home next month. Thank you to the wonderful and professional team of Impressions behind the building process. We will definitely go back to Impressions if planning to build another house!

Impressed with Impressions

It's our second time building with Impressions Homes and as always the professional and friendly team has made the process of designing a floor plan, selecting specifications and colours a hassle free and enjoyable experience. The very experienced and knowledgeable staff helped us to design a feature filled home with a fantastic floor plan. The communication with Impressions during the process was excellent. All our questions were addressed in a timely manner. A big thank you to the team at Impressions for guiding us through the process. We would always choose Impressions as our home builder!

Adriana and Steve
Great price and good workmanship!

I started off with a very helpful and kind sales consultant. He gave us a lot of professional suggestions and all other factors to take into consideration instead of just trying to sell me his plan. He even replied my email late at night.

Then I was assigned a CA and a supervisor for the building. There were few errors during the building process. Although the errors were fixed as soon as I poi nted it out to the supervisor, it has extended the building duration for few months. However, most of the workmanship were good.

There were some disagreement at the handover period with the CA which has led to a few problems. Some jobs were not finished such as hot water system and door handles not installed, but the company CA insisted that I have to pay for the final sum and collect the key as soon as I paid. I must say I was not impressed with the CA customer service.

In the first 6 months since I moved in, I have some small issues with the building. I had to follow up with the after sales people and it took a while for the trades to come. Though, all problems were fixed in the end.

Overall, I think Impressions is quite good for the price I am paying.

Lovely home from good builder

We built our first home with Impressions in 2010.After 5 years,we can say its more then what we expected.It went smooth from the start to the end.There was a minor things that needed to be fixed after a house was done(like small cracks in the wall,but considering it was a new area and a lot of houses were built there,i guess the cracks are normal),but as soon as we reported it,people from Impressions fixed it.Apart from that,everything was as we wanted(and as we told its gonna be),no any delays,extra costs etc.We were happy with quality,price of our Soto home and the time that took a builder to finish it.

Now,we decided to buy an investment property,and because of good experience with Impressions,we decided we gonna build our investment with them as well.We would recommend Impressions to anyone,and we hope everyone will have so nice,good and relaxed experience with them as we had:)

Natasa Milanovic
My Dream come True

I am a first home buyer and was initially looking at buying an established property but after looking at so many houses I realised it was out of my budget. I then went to Home displays at Baldivis, after entering almost 10 homes it became so confusing for me and the service was not that great. I almost gave up and then I met a very welcoming consultant at Impressions who took his time to assist me with everything. They even took care of my finance, found me the right house and design. It was in my budget and catered to my needs. The Consultant made the whole journey very easy and I was so excited to proceed.

After only 5 weeks I received my Building contract and met with the Consultant who explained everything thoroughly, got my finance on time and then 2 weeks later I had my Pre-Start meeting which was immensely exciting. Rebekah was very clear and helpful guiding me step by step and even suggested a few colour options.

I then received my Final plans 3 weeks later and once they were signed off pretty much they started building. although it took a few weeks more to build than what I was informed I was still happy with the construction quality. The supervisor was quite patient with my questions and then I had my PCI meeting and they amended some minor issues in the home.

Overall I must say this was quite a pleasant journey and I would not hesitate to recommend the company. Building is quite rewarding if you choose the right builder.


Great quality, great price

14 odd years ago, my husband built a new house with a similar builder. He made contact with the same salesman and a meeting was arranged with all of us, the salesman was professional and answered all our questions and from here the process began. The block we had chosen was around half the size of the one we were currently on, so careful planning as to which house was to be built was made. We went for a 3x2 house, with a portico at the back with a touch of landscaping. It was part of a new strata development, and while we put a deposit down, it took what seems like a lifetime to get the titles and lot numbers etc, from the developer. This was something that we had not considered but the salesman kept us in touch as to what was going on. In the meantime we went looking at tiling and paint schemes for the walls. Now that was a headache in its own right, as we had chosen to do this ourselves to save on costs.

When pre-start finally arrived, we were shown exactly what we would be getting, and while there were many offers available, we chose what we wanted with relative ease, thanks to the advice that we were given by the pre-start lady, who was quite patient and nice. We chose to add a few things here and there and were given exactly how much it would cost extra. To our surprise the tiling was very well priced, including labour, so we went with that option with the builder too. So all we had to do was paint the walls ourselves, even there the salesman gave us a few suggestions which we went with. Next was the meeting to change or add electrical options. In the last house my husband did not put in enough power points in, so we made sure we had plenty here, a fan, heater combo in the bathroom, was just about all the electricals taken care of, we also went with our own light fittings, just the do it yourself ones which are quite nice and available from most of the lighting stores.

Once all the planning was done, the building began. At the time there was a shortage of tradesman, as the mining boom was going on. We were given a realistic time frame, and since we were already living in our home, there was no major rush. After the pad went down it was relatively quick and smooth sailing from there. When the house was complete, we noticed a few minor things weren't done right, the biggest was the crack in the kitchen bench top when the sink was put in. The whole top was replaced quick smart. A few other touch ups, mostly repaired by the supervisor and it was ready to hand over.

The build quality for the price way exceeded our expectations, just little minor things like a cracked tile in the laundry, a dinged door knob for the garage, and one or more others. The finish was superb, and we wished that we could move here and rent our residential home out. While it took some time to repair the minor things out, we painted it and it was ready to rent out.

We have had it for a year or more and the quality was that good six months later, that we were more than surprised that it only had a few barely noticeable cracks in the cornices, and around the front door. Easy and quick fixes which did not disturb our tenants, a matter we had discussed with them when they started out. We have new tenants now, and the house experienced no wear and tear.

Would I recommend Impressions, sure would. While there were a few delays, mostly due to the lack of tradies around at the time, we would not hesitate to build again with them. Fore planning and attention to detail are important. Variations that we made were easy to do, the sales rep, and the staff on hand at the time looked after us professionally and courteously. The price was right, more affordable than most other builders out there, quality workmanship, attention to detail is really what it's all about, and while I understand building a house can be a nightmare, it does not take much to correct matters, just stop a bank progress payment if things aren't going your way. Complaining when it's all over, is a bit late. Impressions has grown and learned from previous years, they are definitely one of the best out there.

Sammy and Carla Kaplanian
The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home!!!

Finally we built our first brand new house on the Aussie land after our efforts by impression home builder. for that we are thankful to your building company. our journey with impression home builder was quite excited. For first home buyer its quite hard to having enough knowledge in building industry. however because of your excellent design consultant, we got one best design which suite to our very awkward block. he gave us briefly information and correct suggestion to choose particular design. At the construction stage, we always got updates from client officers and supervisors via phone calls and by mails all times. They tried to shorted out our all confusion and problems regarding our issues. Although we had some issues at construction stage but we got satisfactory solution when they noticed.

We are much appreciated for their whoever involved in this journey. Thanks a lot.

My first building experience

I had chosen my cottage lot and now was time to choose a builder. I made a few enquiries with different builders but it was [name removed] who made it an easy decision to choose Impressions. He showed fantastic customer service and answered all questions. Pre Start was easy with the help of [name removed] and the client service was 100% with [name removed]. All staff wereexcellant but these thre e were outstanding.

The build quality was great and even [name removed] the supervisor put his best foot forward. There were not many issues at all which made Impressions a good experience. We are now at the 6 months customer service and the very few issues are being handled professionally. Would I build with Impressions again.............YES?.

Arlene Goddard