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Building Process
Whether you are a first time home buyer, first time home builder, or an experienced property investor in Perth, building a home can be considered to be a daunting experience. At Impressions, we understand how exciting this time is and strive to ensure you have a memorable and pleasurable journey.

There are many stages in the building process and Impressions will educate, discuss and guide you through every step along the way. Through regular communication Impressions will keep you well abreast of all developments with our home builders in Perth to ensure the process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

This diagram shows the major steps involved in the building process. Your individual process may require some additional steps, or perhaps fewer, but this is a general guide. If you need any of the terms or stages explained to you please don't hesitate to contact us.


Client decides what house to build.

Sales Consultant submits details to Impressions. Impressions to assess shire requirements and estate covenants.

Design sketch prepared and variations are costed.

Client signs PWA (Preparation of Pre Works Agreements). Client may make additional variations if required.

Consultant submits documentation to Impressions.

Site survey and engineers site report are completed.

Drafting to complete working drawings.

Contract Pricing and siteworks adjustment is completed. Plans are prepared for submission to shire. Buiders Insurance obtained.

Contracts issued for signing.

Submission to Shire.

Client to complete Prestart and Electrical Prestart.

Prestart variations raised, authorised and updated on plans.

Final plans are issued to the client for review, authorisation and return.

Pending approvals, job file moves to construction as 'Ok2Start'. Client will be advised of their Client Liaison.

Client Liaison will confirm procedure for contact during construction.

Sub contractors and Perth builders are booked, preparation of supervisors files, client to receive letter confirming dates.

Plans submitted to suppliers and trades as requested.

Supervisor to arrange start date with contractors and suppliers.

Supervisor to inspect all goods received onsite.

Supervisor manages subcontractors and all work in progress.

Supervisor to arrange Practical Completions Inspection (PCI) near handover.
Key Handover

After PCI, Client Liaison will arrange key handover.

Client moves into their new Impressions home.